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About Us

Ease Adventure Our Story

Our Story

Started in 2016, Ease Adventure is headquartered in Penang and specialises in lightweight travel and outdoor products.

As an outdoor and sports enthusiasts ourselves, we believe light weight is key to have an enjoyable experience for all travels, outdoor adventures, and sports activities.

Being the exclusive distributor of Scrubba in Malaysia, we carry only the best lightweight and innovative products. Revolutionary products such as the Scrubba Wash Bag, Weightless Wallet, Stealth Pack and Air Sleeves are making their mark in the market and have been registering growth over the 3 years.

Ease Adventure Our Commitment

Our Commitment

The company is built around customers so we work hard to deliver the best online shopping experience to you.

Promptness, politeness and professionalism are our core beliefs to a great customer service.

  • Promptness – We promise to deliver on time and that any delays and cancellations should be avoided.
  • Politeness – Good manners is ensured whether a customer makes a purchase or not.
  • Professionalism – All customers should be treated with the most professional ethics.

Ease Adventure is operates under Nature Fine Marketing Sdn Bhd (630592-K) as its outdoor products division.