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Travel Light this Chinese New Year 2018

The Chinese New Year is only slightly more than one month away as of time of writing. To most of the Chinese community in Malaysia, that means it's time to travel back home a.k.a "balik kampung". To parents with kids it also means mountain of baggage that comes with the traveling.

To the experienced parents - it doesn't have to be this way. Here are the top 5 tips that were shared by them for traveling lighter with kids.

1. Number of baggage - LIMIT THEM! 

While this is a no-brainer, majority of people like to spread their travel belongings across multiple bags. As a general rule, you should always try to squeeze all your belongings into a bag. It kind of forces you to pack light this way and it is easier to travel with one bag rather than two.  

2. Plan your itinerary 

In case you're wondering how you can squeeze everything in one bag - planning is key. Always plan beforehand the places that you know you are going to visit, places you are going to eat, event you are going to attend throughout the holiday. Knowing where you're going will tell you exactly what clothes and items that you need. The golden rule is here never guess or estimate what you should pack. 

3. Limit the toiletries 

If you're staying with your parents, then you should pack travel sized bottles of your favourite shampoo, hairspray, lotion and face wash. Avoid packing full sized bottles since this will take up unnecessary spaces. If you're staying at a hotel, then you can leave that shampoo and body wash at home and opt for the toiletries provided by the hotel.  

4. Choose the right shoes

We all know the Chinese New Year is all about eating and visiting. While there's nothing wrong to dress at our best for these occasions, the key is to find the right pair/colour of shoes that match well with your clothes so that you do not need a different shoe everyday. That way you save spaces since shoes cannot be folded or rolled up.

5. Bring a container of laundry detergent

Washing your clothes during your trip is single easiest way to pack light. If there's a washing machine at the hotel or the place that you're staying that's perfect. If the place you stay doesn't have a washing machine, consider using the Scrubba Wash Bag (the world's smallest portable washing machine) that gives you machine wash quality inside 5 minutes. All you need is detergent and water.

Scrubba Wash BagScrubba Wash Bag

What are your tips in traveling light? Share them with us! Ease Adventure wishes you Happy Chinese New Year 2018 in advance!